Created Teams Backgrounds

Created teams background information. All fictional.

Skye Rangers

Founded in 1954 the former amateur club will be going into it's first season with semi professional status following it's inclusion into the reformed Scottish league. The team has one of the youngest average ages in the country with most of the players still being at the local high school which plays home to the reserve pitch.

The team is owned by the islands largest whisky distillery and the stadium itself has a whisky shop, tour and tasting facilities making it the only football stadium in Scotland to sell alcohol. 

Manager and local P.E teacher Connor Campbell will be looking to strengthen his youthful side with experience but with a small kitty it could be hard. Adding to that with most of his players considering university or college in the next 1-2 years the side will be in for a big change in the years to come. 

Lewis Athletic

 With the town and island being reformed economically by the new off shore wind farms, wave farms and surprisingly film industries there has been an increase in population over the past few years. 

Formed in 1922 the old stadium, if you could call it that has been knocked down and rebuilt as a community project. Featuring gyms that are for the players and public alike and offices for emerging business it is fast becoming a popular destination for the islands folk. 

The team were accepted into the proposed league in enough time to meet the condition of an improved stadium fit for modern times. With council and government funding helping to get the job done. Links to the University of Stirling who have a nursing campus on the island have been increased with this development, the university is home to the Scottish institute of sport and has since opened a new sports campus within the grounds of the new stadium. The university has set up courses in sports science and sports psychology on the island hoping to attract people from the highlands and islands who would find it difficult to get to Stirling. 

In preparation for their first season in the Scottish league there has been a radio station set up to cover matches, sadly it won't be covering far but if you're in the highlands and islands tune in to Black Pudding FM on 88.7.

St. Helier

An amateur club founded in 1917, St. Helier were bought and transformed in the early 21st century by Alexander Fisher owner of the 13 Black casinos and founder of a major import business based in the Channel Islands.

The club entered into the English league system and have quickly risen up the divisions with the monetary backing of Mr Fisher. Many fear the club may go the way of Gretna and other teams that have had a sudden rise in fortunes.

Mr Fisher has lofty ambitions for the club, which play in the now year old 13 Black Stadium, it has a capacity over 20,000 but with land at a premium the club still play reserve matches at Bay park, a recreational facility.

With the tax situation on the island the club attracts better than average players for their division, this has surely helped with their rise and looks set to continue.

Newquay Surf

Founded in 2001 by former professional surfer Martin Richards as a pastime for when the weather did not allow surfing. The team started playing on some land behind Richards surf shop, mainly consisting of fellow surfers as a way to keep fit. They entered local tournaments and soon found themselves outclassing the rest of the competition, fortune shone on the team when they were allowed into the English system when another team went bust.

With the problem of surfers traveling the world to take part in their sports competitions, the team set about recruiting other local talent to fill the spaces. Backed by local councilmen, the team opened up several youth teams in order to encourage the areas children and develop future talent.

The team kept a loyal team, with many of the players staying with them from the start. There is also a very loyal following both in the area and with surfers worldwide where the team is one of cult status. In 2007 the loyalty of the team and Chairman Richards was tested when he won the Euro millions jackpot of €180million. Despite what the media suggested Richards kept his loyalty to the team, to the fans and to the local area.

Investing his money into the team, Richards built a new stadium with backing from his friends media source, Riptide tv channel. Richards personally paid his players a better wage in order for them to quit their day jobs and turn professional. The players have repaid his faith and without much changed to the squad they have risen up to the Blue Square divisional leagues. 

In modern football there's no other team that feels more like a family in both the local community and worldwide surfing community. 

All Newquay Surf matches are shown live on the Riptide tv channel.

FCT 92

Football club Tvøroyri 92 are a Faroese team playing in the reformed Scottish league. I like the Faroe islands, which is evident by the name of my dog and in the past I have tried to make an improved Faroe islands league, unfortunately with trying to edit both a Scottish league and Faroese league I mucked it up with the importing one to another. So here we have 2 Faroese teams playing in the Scottish league since I needed some more teams for Scotland and I want Faroese players to get better to improve their national team. I shall be adding some created Faroese players to some teams (along with some players from other small countries) but only of average quality, hoping real quality will be brought through in the youth system for sustained improvement.

Founded in 1892 FCT have seen their fair share of footballing change in their time. With the change of the Old Firm to the English league FCT 92 and Tórshavn Vikings joined the new Scottish league. Unlike their fellow Faroese team, FCT are a small club with strong community links. Keeping with the community feel the club is owned by a group of local fishing businesses. 

Whilst the team are not rich they have a good youth programme with excellent facilities thanks to the local council. However Harbour stadium only has a capacity of 3700, with little room for expansion. Partly the reason for joining the new Scottish system is increased financial rewards in the hope of a new stadium to push the team on to greater heights. 
The team is managed by player manager Benni Joensen, son of one of the owners Karl Joensen but with the increased level of competition the club may look for a more experienced manager. Nearly all of the are semi professional with most of them having jobs within the fishing industry.