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Full English and Scottish leagues, top 3 leagues in France, top 2 leagues in Spain and Italy, USA league and Australian.

Players of nationality Faroese and San Marinese.

After 3 days of contract talks Tór Dreichson has been unveiled as the new manager for Orkney and Shetland Isles FC. It's the former Faroese defenders' first managerial contract since retiring from football almost 2 years ago. With the best part of 4 years coaching experience at Falkirk FC, Tór has had some training for the position but nothing can prepare you for taking full control of the helm.

A statement from the club said:

OSI FC Chairman Malcolm Urquhart is extremely pleased to have acquired a manager of Dreichsons' calibre. We believe we have got the right man at the right time and look forward to a long future together. 

Elsewhere at a press conference at the Falkirk Stadium, Falkirk manager Steven Pressley had this to say:

Of course I'm sorry to see Tór leave Falkirk. I've worked with him as a player and his first steps into coaching. He's a great man to work with, he's very professional but also has a great sense of humour. He spoke to me before he made his decision and I was very supportive, I think he'll do very well for them and I wish him all the success in the world, unless he's playing against us. 

Yes I have spoken to him today, I phoned to congratulate him after it was announced, I can't repeat exactly what he said or you wouldn't have anything to print but I can say he's very nervous.

Tór looked around in the car park, surveying his new home. Gradually he walked towards the main doors, being greeted by fans and employees on the way. This was nerve wracking. First day in charge and off up to the Chairman's office. He knocked loudly on the Chairman's door.

Malcolm Urquhart: Come in
Tór: Hello Mr Urquhart, you wanted to see me when I arrived.
Malcolm: Come in, come in, sit down. Please don't call me Mr Urquhart, it's Malcolm.
Tór: Oh okay
Malcolm: How's the new house? Getting settled in okay?
Tór: Aye it's great, wife loves it. It's nice to be up here, feel like I can almost touch home now. 
Malcolm: Good good, anyways down to business. You know the position we're in, with the shake up in the Scottish league and the Old Firm moving south and some of the English teams electing to join the Scottish system we got invited to join too. As a new club in Scotland it'd be hard work but god you know we're in for hard work against these English teams. Nobody and I mean nobody is holding much hope for us in this division. I want you to try your hardest to avoid relegation. 
Tór: Aye I can do that, I need time to build up the squad though.
Malcolm: That's no problem, after you finish here I've set up a meeting with the other coaching staff. They know the ins and out of football, so if you don't think someone is of a benefit to your style then they can be replaced. Oh do you think you'll be able to avoid relegation for sure or just attempt it?
Tór: I can do it for sure, I have faith.
Malcolm: Good man, that's what I like to hear. I knew you were the right man for the job, I'll make sure you get some extra funds.Oh and Tór one last thing before you leave....
Malcolm:.....Welcome to the club.

Tór smiled as he left the grinning Scotsman. He walked down the hall and down the stairs to the training room. Nervously he opened the door. His nerves soon changed to bemusement as he looked at the 2 men sitting in front of the whiteboard around a table big enough for 20.

Tór: this the coaching staff?
Harry: Yup that's us.
Tór: Hello, I'm Tór, I'm, seriously it's only the 2 of you?
John: Aye, just us.
Tór: Nobody is off ill?
John: Nope, we're all that's here. New club and all, you ken. 
Harry: Aye that's right,. Well Tór, I'm Harry, I'm your assistant manager and this here is John, he deals with training, specialises in attack though.
Tór: Okay so first things first, what backroom staff do we need?
Harry: Well, scouts....
Tór: How many do we currently have?
Harry:...none....youth coach, physio, goalkeeping coach, defense coach, pretty much everything that ain't us pair to be honest with you.
Tór: Wow, that's a pretty extensive list, how's the playing staff? What do you think of them?
Harry: Again to be honest with you, we're pretty much buggered if we don't sign some experience. Most of the lads are okay players but they're young. 
Tór: So how many new faces do we need?
(Tór rests his head in his hands and lets out a big sigh)
Tór: I better get on with it. 
Harry: Oh. Here's the fixture list.
Tór: Thanks
(Tór looks at the list briefly)
Tór: F*** ME. A friendly against Inter?
John: Aye, bloody great aint it?
(Tór smiles wryly and leaves the room)

Upcoming Friendlies
8.07 OSI FC B
17.07 Millwall
21.07 St. Johnstone
23.07 Ballingry
25.07 West Brom
29.07 Inter
31.07 Gillingham

Within an hour of leaving the coaches TórLex ImmersHaag, club negotiations over a price went well with Den Haag agreeing to £600k. Sadly for OSI FC Immers didn't even want to talk. This is the way it went for a lot of players. 

With snub after snub it was beginning to look desperate. Finally Tór Dreichson made his first signing, 30 year old South African Phillip Evans signed for £50k from Thanda Royal Zulu. OSI FC now had an older head for the centre of their defence. 

The friendlies approaching quickly 3 other players were drafted into the squad on free transfers, Tórur Mortensen, Mortan Enni and Teitur Joensen. Bad bad signings, the rush had let them in when they hadn't been properly checked. Amadou Rabihou, a Cameroonian striker was brought in on trial and looked a much better player than the other three but that didn't hide the fact there were mistakes already being made. 

The inter team friendly was a chance to asses the youthful team.


Even before kick off the match looked a bit of a struggle with only 3 subs on the bench. The first half went well with the main team heading into the break 2 nil up. Unfortunately in the 2nd half the so called B team managed to score 2 great goals and level the match. 

Half time: 2 : 0
Full time: 2 : 2

Following the inter team friendly Tór went into signing mode. With tips for his staff he signed Jack Sampson, Oliver Nicholas, Nicholas Barret, Tomos Roberts, Tim Hopkinson and Tom Walsh on free transfers. Magnus Eikrem and Corry Evans joined on loan from Manchester united with Jamie Ness coming in on loan from Rangers. After being approached by his agent OSI FC secured the transfer of Pedro Pareja for £250k.

OSI FC v Millwall

The team full of new signings it'll be an interesting friendly for new manager Tór Dreichson. Early on play was dominated by Millwall and they went 1 nil up on the 11th minute. Soon afterwards Danny Shittu was red carded and Millwall saw out the first half with 10 men.

With the break over and changes to the team OSI FC went about making amends. Left back Bogi Samuelsen fired in a great shot to equal the score, soon afterwards OSI FC put in a penalty to go 2 - 1 up. Sadly it only last 2 minutes with Neil Harris levelled it up for Millwall. With tiring legs OSI FC fired in 3 more with Bruk Shinash, Marti Richards and a second for Samuelsen.

Half time: 0 : 1
Full time: 5 : 2

With the Millwall match behind him, Tór reviewed the information from the England trialists match. Offers were sent out and in the days that followed Luke Pierce, Samba Kanouté, Yann Ekra, Aaron Moses-Garvey, Danny Ucheci, Michael D'Agostino, Francisco Durán and James Dunn all on free transfers. Goalkeeper Marian Kelemen was signed for £400k from Slask much to the disapproval from the fans. However they were pleased with the £3.3M signing of George Boyd from fellow npower league 1 team Peterbourgh.

OSI FC v St. Johnstone

A poor match which saw Marcus Haber of St. Johnstone score the only goal of the first half. It looked like it would end 1 - 0 until Marti Richards equalised. 

Half time: 0 : 1
Full time: 1 : 1

Ballingry v OSI FC

New signing Samba Kanouté scored after 3 minutes to set OSI FC on their way. Philip Evans slotted in a penalty to make it 2 - 0. The second half saw George Boyd finally click and excited the OSI FC support with a great run up the left and cross in for Danny Uchechi to easily put into the back of the net. Ten minutes later saw a repeat and the score brought up to 4 - 0. Three minutes before the end a bad clearance saw a deflection off of Ballingry Midfielder Alex Ross pass into the net.

Half time: 0 : 2
Full time: 0 : 5

OSI FC v West Brom

A decent performance but the quality of the premier league showed with West Brom going into the break 2 - 0 up. The second half was poor with the only highlight being a third goal for West Brom.

Half time: 0 : 2
Full time: 0 : 3

OSI FC v Inter

Another poor match sees another defeat for OSI FC. OSI FC lasted until the 84th minute before conceding to Simone Dell'Agnello.

Half time: 0 : 0
Full time: 0 : 1

OSI FC fans voice their anger as Tór Dreichson signs Lucas Pusineri for 180k. Dreichson said he needed to sign some experience but fans claim he's a waste of money. Sergio was signed on a free transfer but the signing of Pusineri overshadowed it.

Gillingham v OSI FC

Last pre-season match and it's against lower league opposition. In theory it should set the team up for the season ahead and be a moral booster. After 8 minutes Rabihou picks up a poor back pass and scores with ease. Gillingham equalise with Curtis Weston finding the net. An equal first half. The second half starts badly with Mark Bentley scoring and Gillingham go 2 - 1 up. 

Half time: 1 : 1
Full time: 2 : 1

Journalist: With the season just days away from starting do you feel your ready?

Tór: We've prepared, we've got our fitness levels up and we're raring to go.

Journalist: You've brought in a couple of players when the majority of your team is untried youngsters, will you be looking to bring in more players before the end of the transfer window?

Tór: I feel my players are capable of anything, I may look to bring in some more experience but don't look for a spending spree. After the last few matches I shall be looking to bring in a defender or two. We've had some bad luck with injuries pre season and I'm without a left back currently.

Journalist:Can you see your team staying up when many believe your team to be cannon fodder?

Tór: Of course we'll stay up.

(Tór Dreichson stands up and leaves the press room, Alan the Journalist gets up and leaves too, the room now empty)

Brighton v OSI FC

Tór Dreichsons first competitive game in charge sees his team away to Brighton. Pundits pick this one as a tight match ending in a draw. With 8 minutes on the clock, young midfielder Jamie Ness, on loan from Rangers scores on his debut with a cracking shot. The first half is almost over when some very bad defending lets Francisco Sandaza walk through and score. The second half is a tight as the first and looks like the pundits will be right. Dreichson and OSI FC are left disappointed when Ashley Barnes slots home Brightons second to claim all 3 points.

Half time: 1 : 1
Full time 2 : 1

Oldham v OSI FC

Second match of the season sees Dreichsons men play the early leaders Oldham. With a 4 4 2 set up now compared with the 4 1 4 1 from the first match there were more attacking options on show. Again the pundits predicted a draw but that proved wrong by Oldhams Warren Feeney.

Half time: 1 : 0
Full time: 1 : 0

OSI FC v Bournemouth

With two straight defeats moral was low for OSI FC's first home game of the season. The match started even but soon OSI FC were attacking in style. Unfortunately Bournemouth keeper Shwan Jalal was in fantastic form, denying shot after shot. Finally with a minute before the end of the first half, Marti Richards picked up a great pass from Danny Uchechi and sent it past the keeper. 

The momentum continued after the break and Richards slotted in a second, 3 minutes after the restart. Richards repaid the favour of the first goal and set up Uchechi to score OSI FC third of the match. Jalal's fantastic first half was being eclipsed by a terrible second half. Richards slotted in another in the 60th minute, followed by a solo effort in the 66th minute and another in the 72nd. The rout was completed by Richards slipping another past the keeper. 

Half time: 1 : 0
Full time: 7 : 0

Bulking the team up further OSI FC manager Tór Dreichson brings Luis Gustavo on loan from Barcelona, Kenneth Thorsson signs from AB Tårnby for £5k and thankfully Luke Rowe comes in from Birmingham to help with the left back injury crisis for £35k.

v Exeter 6 : 0

@ Crewe 1 : 2

Following the Crewe match, Dreichson tries to bring in Ashley Eastham on loan from Blackpool but the transfer window closes.

v Tranmere 0 : 0
@ Dag & Red 1 : 1
@ Colchester 2 : 2
v Brentford 3 : 1
@ MK Dons 2 : 0

OSI FC v Peterbourgh

A tough draw with Peterbourgh flying high in the npower league 1, OSI FC get off to a great start with 23 year old Marti Richards banging one in with only 3 minutes on the clock.  OSI FC lead is double 7 minutes later when Finnish striker Jesper Grimm is put through one on one with the keeper. 

The second half starts the way of the first with Peterbourgh pulling one back 3 minutes into the half, Hibbert the scorer. OSI FC fans have their nerves settled when their 2 goal lead is restored. An end to end to match and OSI FC pull off the win.

Half time: 2 : 0
Full time: 3 : 1

v Swindon 2 : 2
@ Yeovil 2 : 0
@ Peterbourgh 1 : 2

OSI FC v Walsall

Sixth placed OSI FC play eighth placed Walsall. With injuries upfront OSI FC start with young Fin Jesper Grimm, he proves to be an inspired choice when he scores after 3 minutes. Eikrem blasts the ball out of his own box, Shinash picks it up at the half way line and plays it through for Grimm. Grimm runs into the box, defenders not closing him down, the keeper tries to angle but Grimm fires it into the bottom corner. The action dies down and that finishes the first half.

With no real action in the second half it looks like it will be a 1 nil win for OSI FC. The 90th minute approaches and the three points are within grasp. Walsall keeper Walker takes the goal kick, Byfield picks up the ball, plays a one two with Richards, the return pass splits open the defence, Tedros should clear it, Byfield gets it off him and shoots. Kelemen SAVES!! but it's only deflected, Byfield gets to the ball first and shoots under Kelemen. 1 - 1. The match is over.

Half time: 1 : 0
Full time: 1 : 1

v Plymouth 2 : 0

1st round Gloucester( BSN) v OSI FC
 Eleventh in the Blue square bet north plays fifth in the npower league 1. Early pressure goes to Gloucester who should of opened the scoring with a few good chances. OSI FC don't get a shot on target until the 36th minute and unfortunately for Gloucester it's also a goal, on loan Inter striker Samuele Longo slots it passed the keeper. 

Second half and Gloucester keep pressing but Moses-Garvey wins the ball in his own half, runs the length of the pitch, shoots, keeper saves but puts it right back to him and he can't miss. 2 - 0. Four minutes later OSI FC have a corner and it's an easy leap and header for Faroese centre back Jann Nielsen his first ever goal,    3 - 0. Pareja takes the ball from the right flank and comes into the middle, tackled by Webb on the edge of the 18yard box but his tackle pushed the ball straight to Longo, the ball deflects off of Longo towards the keeper, Longo gets to it first and taps it in. It's bizarre but it's his second and OSI FC's fourth.

Half time: 0 : 1
Full time: 0 : 4

 Rochdale v OSI FC

Rochdale are currently 24th in the npower league 1 and are on a bad run of form, meanwhile OSI FC are playing well. Rochdale produced only 2 shots on target and with Kelemen playing well it wasn't going to pose him any problems. Marti Richards fired OSI FC in front in the first half. The second half was worse for Rochdale but great for Richards, scoring another two to complete his hatrick. 

Half time: 0 : 1
Full time: 0 : 3

@ Southampton: 1 : 2
@ Charlton: 1 : 2
v Huddersfield: 3 : 0

v Colchester: 1 : 0

Richards scores the only goal but gets injured leaving me without a left midfielder for a month.