Saturday, 8 January 2011

The start

Haven't made a football manager story before outside of my own head but thought I'd start one based on my new league set up.

The leagues I'll be using first are the English and Scottish divisions.

English league is unedited but there are some team changes,

Rangers and Celtic will start in the Championship
Created teams, Orkney and Shetland isles FC, Newquay Surf and St. Helier will be added to the English set up.
I'll go into more detail about created teams later.

The Scottish league is edited,

Set up is

Premier league 16 teams
First Division 16 teams
Second Division 16 teams
Third Division 4x 24 teams, mostly B teams
Fourth Division 16 groups of varying size, 5 to 15.

Created teams are Skye Rangers, Douglas town, Lewis Athletic, Dunipace Thistle, FCT 92 and Tórshavn Vikings.
Again I shall go into greater depth about them later.

Along with League Cup and Scottish Cup, I have added Cairn Trophy for 4th division clubs and a Super Cup.

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